Please find below some suggestions for your noticeboard. You may also choose to create your own message.

Celebrating First Peoples

  • The oldest living culture is worth listening to
  • 50000+ years… worth celebrating
  • White Australia has a Black History
  • Celebrate First Peoples’ achievements
  • Songlines – The living narrative of our nation
  • Like everybody goes to university to get a degree, the land is our university, that’s where we learn from
  • The land is our university, that’s where we learn
  • Indigenous cultural heritage forms the very fabric of society, spirituality and connection with land.
  • First and Second Australians fought side by side to protect our home
  • First People’s story is in the land, it is written in those sacred places

Scriptural Connections

  • Aboriginal People are our Neighbours Mark 12
  • First Australians bear the image of God Genesis 1
  • Created in the Image of God – First and second Australians Genesis 1
  • The Dreaming … touching the mystery of God’s Spirit (JPII)
  • Deep esteem for the Aboriginal and TSI people (Pope Francis)
  • Imagining the Good Samaritan as Aboriginal (Luke 10)
  • I am the tree, I am me…. With the Land and the Sea. We are One Not Three. (Kevin Gilbert)
  • The Aboriginal way is that everything created is equal and sacred

Sovereignty and Land

  • Recognise First Peoples land custodianship
  • Not yours to Reclaim
  • Aboriginal land: real Australians seek welcome
  • We worship on [insert local community name] land.
  • This Church is built on stolen land
  • Always Was Aboriginal Land
  • A national representative body for First Australians
  • Time for change: Time for Treaty
  • Treaty Now
  • Treaty Sovereignty Recognition – Be aware of the conversations
  • Time for Aboriginal people to have a place in our Constitution
  • Sovereignty and Self Determination – taking control of our future


  • Close the Gap
  • Justice targets for First Peoples
  • Build communities not prisons: stop deaths in custody
  • Freedom not prisons for First Peoples
  • Too Many Aboriginal Young People in gaol
  • Self Determination in Indigenous Education
  • Support Education in Indigenous Languages
  • Make Indigenous Poverty History
  • Close the Gap in Health and Education
  • Stop removing Indigenous Children
  • Aboriginal children belong with family
  • Close the Gap on out-of-home-care
  • Our First Peoples are not second class citizens


  • Sorry to First Australians taken from family
  • Sorry means you don’t do it again
  • They took the children away: we are sorry
  • Sorry doesn’t mean get over it
  • No pride in genocide
  • Sorry!

Standing together

  • How many Aboriginal friends do you have?
  • Re-think our National Holiday
  • Would you celebrate invasion?
  • A Future Free of Racism
  • Be Part of the Healing with First Peoples
  • Respect Aboriginal Elders
  • Recognition and Respect – Justice for First Australians
  • We want black and white people walking together

Special Days

Sorry Day – 26th May

  • Sorry to First Australians taken from family
  • They took the children away: we are sorry

Reconciliation Week (27th May – 3rd June)

  • We honour National Reconciliation Week
  • Reconciliation means reparation
  • Reconcile – Spirit of the Nation
  • Unfinished business: Reconciliation with First Peoples

1967 Referendum – 27th May

  • 1967 Referendum… Mabo… Still a long way to go

Mabo Day – 3rd June

  • Always Was Aboriginal Land – Mabo Day


Check out these signs for inspiration…

We are in the country of the the Worimi, Gamilleroi, Wanarua, Gweagul, Darkinjung, Biripi and Awabakal peoples. We respectfully acknowledge their Elders, celebrate their continuing culture and the living memory of their ancestors.